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  • Pay per class


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About our memberships

We offer a wide variety of membership options intended to cater to a number of different commitment levels and schedule availability.

Free 2-class trial

Visitor interested in trying out our school can sign up for a free "2-class" trial membership. This membership comes with no obligations and allows any visitor to try out two classes for free before committing to a paid membership.

Pay per class

The "Pay  per class" membership allows students to pay a set $25 fee for each class that they attend individually. This membership is tailored to students who only visit our school on rare occasions, usually as a guest student.

Recurring drop-in bundle

Students who want to come regularly, but cannot attend a minimum number of 2 classes per week may sign up for Peak Taekwondo's "Recurring drop-in bundle" membership. This membership is a renewable membership that allows you to pay $100 per renewal and grants access to 5 classes each time. Once those 5 classes have been attended, your membership in the program can be renewed either manually by the member, or by communicating with a Peak Taekwondo administrator.

Monthly recurring

Most students should consider signing up for our "Monthly recurring" membership. This membership gives unlimited access to available classes appropriate for the student's age and rank. Each month, the membership can be renewed (automatically if a credit card is associated with the account) for the rate of $150. This membership gives the best value to students who attend 2 or more classes on average per week. Members in this program are able to cancel their membership at any time, thus incurring no future charges, or alternatively can freeze their membership for periods of time as needed.