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Mark Morgan

Mark Morgan photo Mark Morgan
  • 3rd Dan/Poom

    "I received my first black belt in Tang Soo Do in 1988 from Karate Sports Academy under the instruction of Grand Master Ron Jenkins. Martial arts was a huge part of my family's and my life. As my family matured in Taekwondo, the school became a second home for myself, my brother, and my mother.

    Looking back on those days I realize how much a part of my life Karate Sports Academy was. It was a second family for me and when my family earned our black belts, teaching martial arts became a beloved activity for us that we could do together.

    It is incredibly important and meaningful to me to be able to share my love of Korean martial arts with a new generation of students and their families. As my son works his way towards earning his black belt, I see how I have come full circle in my life and I eagerly look forward to continuing the tradition of teaching new students with my son by my side."